Youth Minister Skills Course

20 Hours of Skills Workshops are required in addition to the 40 hours of Theology/Spirituality Courses for Basic Level Certification. (G workshops are General, for all ministers; Y workshops are specifically for Youth Ministers)

English Skills Courses

Spanish Skills Courses Brochure

1-G Using Scripture in Ministry (2 hours): This workshop acquaints participants with ways of using Scripture for faith-sharing in a variety of settings that can be applied to their specific area of ministry.

2-G Leading Prayer in Ministry (2 hours): This workshop teaches a variety of skills and methods for leading groups in prayer in various pastoral settings and situations.

3-G Integrating the Liturgical Year into Ministry (2 hours):This workshop offers ideas for integrating the seasons of the church year into areas of ministry, using the appropriate signs and symbols of our faith.

4-G Community Building and Motivating Others in Ministry (2 hours): This workshop helps ministers in their role as leaders in the wider community and as enablers of others in ministry.

5-G Preparing and Planning in Ministry (2 hours): This workshop provides motivation for taking time to prepare for any ministerial event, and offers concrete techniques for long and short range planning.

6-Y What is Ministry (3 hours): This workshop is an introduction to the essence of ministry, helping the participants to reach out to young people from a firm foundation.

7-Y A Vision of Youth Ministry (3 hours): This workshop examines the specific nature of effective ministry with young people in the parish.

8-Y Models of Youth Ministry (3 hours): This workshop examines a variety of ways to establish and nurture youth ministry that fits the needs of a particular group of young people.

9-Y Ministering in Adolescents’ Culture (3 hours): In this workshop, youth ministers will explore ways of responding to the developmental stages of the adolescent.

10-Y The Faith Process and Youth Ministry (3 hrs): Youth ministers will discover the relationships between youth ministry and catechesis, as well as understand appropriate faith expressions for youth.

11-Y Planning Youth Ministry (3 hours): This workshop will give the three major dimensions in planning youth ministry. Participants will practice the skills integral to effective planning for youth ministry in all dimensions and components.

12-Y The Adult as a Youth Minister (3 hours): Youth ministers will understand the scriptural basis for ministry and discover the need to be immersed in the Gospel message which ministry proclaims. The workshop will affirm the primacy of the spiritual life and the need to take time for personal reflection and prayer.

13-Y Balance In Ministry (2 hours): How to keep a balance between a persons private life and ministry. (Keeping a healthy spiritual, physical, emotional, and family life)

14-Y Creating and Planning youth retreats. (3 hours): This workshop offers ideas and skills for planning effective youth retreats, including day, weekend and overnight-Lock-ins)

15-Y Support Systems in Ministry (2hrs): This workshop helps to develop good support systems in ministry that can support ministry and the minister.

16-Y Everyday Issues with Youth and Parents in Ministry. ( 3 hours): This training will cover techniques on the everyday problems and issues that occur in ministry at the parish level.

17-Y First Aide Class (hrs. depending on presenter): This workshop offers training in dealing with emergency situations and administering first aide. (Red Cross Certification or comparable)

18-Y Adolescents Developmental Stages (3 hrs.): This course will cover the physical and emotional stages that occur during the ages of 13 thru 18.

19-Y Strong Catholic Families-Strong Catholic Youth: This course will give foundational tools to help a minister develop and strengthen youth and families in the parish community and ministry.

20-Y Components of Youth Ministry Workshop (3 hrs.)

21-Y Liability Workshop (1 hour): This workshop, offered by Catholic Mutual Insurance Group in collaboration with the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, explains policies and procedures required for the protection and safety of young people at church-sponsored events and activities.