Youth and Young Adult Hispanic Ministry


Hispanic Ministry Programs (En Español)
Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry Brochure (English)

The Hispanic advisory committee is made up of a group of Hispanic Youth and Young Adults with the desire to spread the good news of Jesus.  It is a ministry set up for those young people that are currently upper classmen in high school, and/or graduated young adults.  (Ranging in ages of 14 to 26+)  The advisory committee’s most important job is to work closely with the Hispanic community, find out what their needs are, and find ways to meet these needs.  They are currently working on several programs for Hispanic youth in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.  This group is ready for ACTION!

The Youth and Young Adults are the future of the church and it is our job to see that different experiences are available for them so we won‘t lose them.  It is important to teach that being Catholic is not only about going to church and receiving sacraments, but also about being active in their faith.  Hispanic Ministry for young people is the action of the church where young people are helped to discover, and commit themselves to Christ and his message.  It transforms young people because it invites them to integrate their faith and their life together.  It is our goal to plan and facilitate experiences for the young people of our parishes, they are the future of our church, and this group is ready to do something about it!

Currently the committee is made up of representatives from several parishes from the diocese that are highly committed to the progress of Hispanic people.  If you have any questions about the work Hispanic ministry carries out or are interested in becoming part of the Hispanic advisory committee please feel free to contact the Youth and Young Adult Office at (505) 831-8145 or (505) 831-8142.