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New Young Adult App!!!



Our new Archdiocese of Santa Fe Young Adult app is now available for Apple and Android products!

You can download it for free in the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for ASF C Squared

You can stay in the loop with parish events, communications and Catholic material.



 For More Information, Contact the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Youth & Young Adult Office Della @ (505)831-8142 or


Catholic Link – Significance of the Liturgical Colors

Did you know the significance of the liturgical colors? ⛪

Posted by Catholic-Link English on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sacramental Policies

Confirmation FAQs

2012-08 Sacramental Policies – General

2012-08 Confirmation Policy

2012-08 Godparent-Sponsor Agreement

2012-08 Affidavit of Eligibility Godparent-Sponsor

2012-08 Confirmation of Adults

2012-08 Celebration of Confirmation liturgical guidelines

2010-09 Confirmation Music Guidelines

2010-09 Confirmation Music Suggestions


2012-08 Bautismo

2012-08 Declaration de elegibilidad para padrinos

2012-08 Acuerdo de los Padrinos

2012-08 Acuerdo de los Padrinos (1)

2012-08 Confirmacion de Adultos – Normas generals


Our Lady of Fatima 100th Anniversary


This year on May 13, 2017 will be the 100th Anniversary of Fatima. Fatima is one of the most significant of all Marian apparitions and is one of three Marian apparitions honored with a feast day (Guadalupe and Lourdes being the other two). We would like to encourage you to find some way to celebrate this miraculous event with your parish.

At Fatima, our Mother Mary asked the three shepherd children to pray the Rosary every day, make an amends for sins and to become devoted to her Immaculate Heart. A lesson on what the Rosary is and how to pray it can definitely be incorporated with a Fatima story. Here are some activities that children would enjoy.

(Our Sunday Visitor has an amazing article on their web site that explaining the Marian apparition at Fatima in detail called The Meaning of Fatima: 100 Years Later.)

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Our Lady of Fatima Activities

“Sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say often whenever you make a sacrifice: ‘O Jesus, it is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’ “(Our Lady, July 13, 1917) “Pray much and make sacrifices for sinners, for many souls go to hell because there is no one to make sacrifices for them.” (Our Lady, August 19, 1917) (Sunday Visitor)

What is a sacrifice?

Here are a couple different definitions:

Sacrifice- a loss of something you give up usually for the sake of a cause that is more important or worthy.

Sacrifice- to give up something that is valuable to you in order to help another person or cause.

Sacrifice is not easy, and if it was it would NOT be a sacrifice.  This is an opportunity to challenge yourself to see what you can do for a sacrifice.

At Fatima, Mary asked us to make sacrifices so the others will be saved. What does this mean to you?  Can you help by making sacrifices?  What kind of sacrifices can you make?

Below is some forms you can download.

Here are a few ideas please mark the ones that you think you can commit to:

_____On the 13th of each month take 15 minutes to pray for peace     within your own family as well as the world.

_____ Give of your time. Volunteer at church, serve others with a joyful heart so that

people are inspired by your actions.

_____ Take 30 minutes to say the Rosary once a month for those who

have no Christian faith.

_____ Set time aside when you are usually on your phone looking

at YouTube or watching TV to pray for those who are

struggling with their faith.

_____ Do not eat any kind of junk food or drink soda for a day, a weekend or a week as

a sacrifice for teens who are struggling with their parents, siblings, or friends.

_____ At your own parish, actively listen for opportunities to help the community.

_____ Take 15 minutes to have a nice uplifting conversation with one of your siblings.

_____ Take time to do something that you know will make your parents happy like clean your room, wash the dishes, or pick up the yard.

_____ Take time to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while to see how they are  doing.

_____ Ask to go to church early, light a candle and pray for someone

you don’t know very well.

_____ Ask to go to church early and pray for the intentions of all the

candles that are already lit.

_____ Ask your favorite relative, a godparent of good friend to say a

Rosary with you once a week.

_____ Go through your own clothing and give away items you don’t

use anymore to those in need.

_____ Instead of making plans to go to a movie make plans to volunteer at a homeless shelter or make plans to clean an elderly neighbors’ yard.

_____ Do something nice for a complete stranger

_____ Ask your family to go to the 48th Annual Rosary Rally at Isotopes Park on Sunday October 1st.

This should be very personal to you. What other ways can you sacrifice for others?





This is a beautiful way to show love to God as well as to others.

(ASF Youth & Young Adult Office)

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