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Saint Polycarp

Saint of the Day for February 23

(c. 69 – c. 155)

 Polycarp’s Story

Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, disciple of Saint John the Apostle and friend of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, was a revered Christian leader during the first half of the second century.

Saint Ignatius, on his way to Rome to be martyred, visited Polycarp at Smyrna, and later at Troas wrote him a personal letter. The Asia Minor Churches recognized Polycarp’s leadership by choosing him as a representative to discuss with Pope Anicetus the date of the Easter celebration in Rome—a major controversy in the early Church.

Only one of the many letters written by Polycarp has been preserved, the one he wrote to the Church of Philippi in Macedonia.

At 86, Polycarp was led into the crowded Smyrna stadium to be burned alive. The flames did not harm him and he was finally killed by a dagger. The centurion ordered the saint’s body burned. The “Acts” of Polycarp’s martyrdom are the earliest preserved, fully reliable account of a Christian martyr’s death. He died in 155.


Polycarp was recognized as a Christian leader by all Asia Minor Christians—a strong fortress of faith and loyalty to Jesus Christ. His own strength emerged from his trust in God, even when events contradicted this trust. Living among pagans and under a government opposed to the new religion, he led and fed his flock. Like the Good Shepherd, he laid down his life for his sheep and kept them from more persecution in Smyrna. He summarized his trust in God just before he died: “Father… I bless Thee, for having made me worthy of the day and the hour…” (Acts of Martyrdom, Chapter 14).

Saint Polycarp is the Patron Saint of:



Catholic Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day: Touching Jesus

Wherever Jesus goes, he is mobbed by people. They run after him, taking the sick to him on stretchers. It is a scene of confusion, frenzy and desperation. The people beg that their sick be allowed to touch just the edges of the clothing of Jesus. It is a plea that highlights the peoples’ devotedness to the sick and their trust in Jesus.

We, too, have known times of frenzy, confusion and desperation. We, too, bear the burden of our loved ones who are ill – psychologically, physically or spiritually. We worry about them, and we may even be caring for them. Perhaps we should ask ourselves today, “do we carry our loved ones to Jesus in our prayer or do we become Jesus for others though our tenderness and compassion?”

Let us pray: Jesus, Healer, I bring you my loved ones in need. And I ask: May people touch you through me?

Deirdre Powell

Source: Living Faith, Daily Catholic Devotions (adapted).

YA Lenten Women’s Retreat & YA Men’s Retreat

This Lenten season we will be offering two Young Adult Lenten Retreats.  One is for Men and the other is for Women.  Below are the links to register


Young Adult Women’s Lenten Retreat- “Ladies who Lent”

Date:  Saturday, March 11, 2017

Place:  Norbertine Community of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey

Please click the link for more details


Young Adult Men’s Lenten Retreat- “The Weight of the Cross”

Date:  Saturday, April 1, 2017

Place:  Norbertine Community of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey

Please click the link for more details



Taize in the Desert

Time: 7:30pm

Date: Friday  March 17, 2017

Place: Norbertine Abbey of Santa Maria de la Vid 5825 Coors Blvd SW Albuquerque, NM 87121

Fellowship and refreshments following the service.

Leave the noise of modern life behind for an evening of prayer!  Build your relationship with Jesus Christ through song, scripture, silence and contemplation with the young adults of the Archdiocese!   Attend the next prayer service in the spirit of Taizé, a French monastic community.

All are welcome.  

This is an ecumenical and interdenominational form of prayer.   Taizé is a spirituality that is easy to experience and hard to describe.   Invite your friends and family.

For questions please contact Taylor Kingston at (505)831-8142 or

Taize in the Desert is made possible by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry along with the Norbertine community of Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey

2017 Taize Dates Flier


Young Adult Symposium 2017

Mark Your Calendar YA Symposium

Why a symposium? 

We have a large population of young adults throughout the Archdiocese that we need to reach out and connect with them to see how we can serve them and how can invite them into an activity participation in our catholic church.

Our first step will be to have round table events throughout the Archdiocese. This will help us gather information on the needs of our young adults.

The information gathered will help us develop a symposium that will be constructive and productive in young adults ministry.

Archbishop Wester will be with us the entire symposium.

Please pass on the information to all your young adults or those ministering to those between the ages of 19-30.

More information will be coming out later